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Affordable Steel Mesh Window Well Cover in Utah

Affordable Steel Mesh Window Well Cover in Utah

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Why SafeWell?

What kind of things get in your window wells? 

We’ve heard just about everything — from frogs, chickens, dogs, and rocks, to the occasional misstep of a child. The former are ones we all want to avoid, but the latter is one we’d all rather avoid. 

To help make sure nothing (except maybe some dust or grass clippings) gets down into your window wells, we provide a durable mesh cover. This cover will keep the debris and kids out, so you have peace of mind. 

Why a Mesh Window Well Grate?

Many of our customers ask us why they should consider a mesh grate over other options. For us, it comes down to one thing: peace of mind!

Mesh grates are the best option when you want to keep things like animals, debris, or your children out of the window wells around your home. Any of these can cause serious harm, either to your family or your home.

Save yourself from stress, medical bills, or costly window replacement and purchase some Safewell’s mesh grates today!

Better for Your Home

If peace of mind isn’t enough to convince you, it’s also worth considering a mesh window well and how it adds to the value of your home. 

Window wells are an area that most home owners don’t consider too often, as they usually lead to basement windows that are often out of site (and thus out of mind!). This can sometimes leave them to fall into disrepair, especially if there aren’t any grates that prevent debris from entering the well. 

Debris left in a well long enough can start to rot, and may even assist flooding in a well and in your home. A mesh grate heads this off before it can start, and makes keeping your window well clean. In the long run, that’s much better for your home’s value than costly flooding repairs. 

Safe. Secure. Peace of Mind. 

Last but not least, a window well cover can help secure your home during storms, winter weather, or even deter a potential intrusion (breaking and entering). When a window well is left unguarded, it can provide a convenient entrance for unwelcome guests. 

Securing your window wells further your peace of mind in all of these scenarios. 

You can’t go wrong with a mesh grate when it comes to durability, safety, and home value. The less you worry about simple things around your home, the more you can enjoy the life of a homeowner. Ready to put some of these high-quality mesh grates on your window wells? 

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