About Us

About Our Window Well Covers

  • 4-week completion time
  • We only employ skilled, certified welders
  • We use heavy duty 3/16″ thick structural steel on all our window well cover frames
  • 200 lb weight capacity
  • About Us

Safewell Window Well Covers LLC is a fully licensed & insured Utah business established in April 2015.  We keep Utah kids & pets safe.  Open window wells are super dangerous, and potentially life threatening to a small enough kid.  We want to cover them all!  Building window well covers is ALL we do, and we are very good at it.  We are not a metal fabrication shop that occasionally builds them on the side.  We maintain full quality control over our product, and obsess over our great product.  We are fully dedicated to this craft and pride ourselves on building the safest, strongest, and longest lasting window well covers on the market.  Our business strategy is to provide you with the highest quality window well covers at the lowest possible.