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How to Secure Window Well Covers?

How to Secure Window Well Covers?

Your home is supposed to be your safe place. And we want to make sure you are completely covered, not just on the inside but the outside  as well. A lot of times the often-overlooked area that could be quite dangerous is a window well. Whether you have small kids or pets, or are nervous about burglaries, we have the answer to it all. At Safewell we are committed to making your safe place feel even more secured. With our customized window well covers we can fit any area you have. And once you have your cover in, you want to make sure it is secure. There are a couple of things you need to take into consideration when checking the security of your window well.


Simple enough, you want to make sure that your window can meet certain requirements one of the biggest being how durable it can be. Whether you have little kids or pets running around, the last thing you want to have to worry about is your window well cover not holding up. With their being a variety of different window well covers you can have, there’s a couple things to consider about  just how secure they can be. 

Plastic window covers are always an option. They are relatively inexpensive and can meet basic requirements when it comes to the purpose of a window well. However when too much weight is placed on them or if they have been exposed to prolonged sunlight they are infamous from starting to crack. 

The next available type would be a plexiglass cover. While they tend to be a little stronger than the plastic covers and can have addition support built in with them, there are limits to their security as well. Just as the sun can deteriorate the plastic covers, it has the same effect with the plexiglass ones as well. Over time the sunlight can weaken the material causing it to be less secure and functional. 

With our goal being to have the most secure window well cover, metal ones are the much safer choice. Metal covers being made from either aluminum or steel, steel tending to be the strongest and most secure can provide a lot more safety. As far as weight durability with these they can hold so much more than plastic or plexiglass and can even hold the weight of an adult if need be. If you do have children or pets, or even grandchildren running around, you do not need to worry about them running or jumping on them as they are built to withstand that. It can be very difficult to monitor and control just who exactly will be walking or running over the covers, so it is a much better choice to just be prepared and go with the more secure, and durable choice. 

Additional features 

So as discussed the plastic and plexiglass are not necessarily the most secure window well cover that you could have. Especially when you think not only about the security of them but the safety as well. Metal covers can offer so much more insurance when it comes to both of those. One of the concerns however with metal covers is if needed in an emergency how to safely exit. 

We have taken care of this for you. We offer the installation of a child escape hatch which is a small opening that a child can escape safely though, however it is too small for an adult to break through. Along with this there are ladders that can be added to assist with the safety of exiting through them. 

How to make your window well cover the most secure?

Additionally, there are also internal window well locking systems that can be installed. At Safewell we offer a window well lock system. Our lock makes it easy to be opened on the inside but extremely difficult for a burglar to access on the outside.

The Window Well Lock System This system helps prevent people from breaking into the window wells too easily. Windows can be a common break in point and this will greatly reduce if not eliminate that from happening. Our window well lock is made so that you are able to unlatch and unlock from the inside quickly and easily. It is a simple enough lock from the inside that in case of an emergency you are able to unlock it quickly and efficiently. It is simple enough that even a kid can unlock it if necessary.  Our locks are extremely effective and are resistant to tampering. The important thing is knowing that this lock will be incredibly difficult to mess with from the outside, but safe and easy to unlock whether a kid or adult needs to do it from the inside. Another added level of security will only benefit you, your home, and family.

We want you to feel safe in your home and we do all that we can to assist and make sure that your window well is the most secure that it can be. If you have any questions about your window well cover or any additional features please feel free to contact us here at Safewell. We look forward to working with you.

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