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Window well lock system $55

Do you have a window well in your building or home’s basement? Window wells can provide your basement with better ventilation. They can also provide a space upon which larger, more elegant windows can stand. 

However, did you know that having a window well is not always a good thing? In more ways than one, window wells can be safety hazards. In the United States, falls account for at least 5,000 emergency room visits and 12 child deaths. A good portion of these falls are into uncovered or unsecured window wells. 

Exposed window wells are also security threats. Burglary is one of the most concerning issues among homeowners. Since 2015, more than 300,000 homes have been broken into in the United States. Many of these incidents occur at various common points of entry — like front doors and window wells.

So, how do you prevent yourself from becoming another statistic? The solution is straightforward. You only need two things — a window well cover, and, most importantly, a window well lock.

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At Safewell, we take our window well covers and window well locks seriously. You can trust us to make sure your home and your family are safer with our quality window well locks.

What Do Safewell’s Window Well Locks Offer? 

Most window well covers contain an anchor point to keep the window well cover in place. What secures the window well cover is the window well lock. 

Most window well locks will look like screws or nuts that secure the window well cover. While this may look secure at a glance, be warned. Anyone with the right set of pliers or bolt cutters will be able to make quick work of the screws and nuts. 

When burglars do this, they can bypass the cover, giving them access to your home. This is where Safewell’s Window Well Lock Systems stand out from the competition. 

Safewell’s Window Well Locking System can give you an edge when it comes to safety and security. Unlike many window well locks, Safewell’s locking system features a rod-and-pin-lock design. 

The window well security lock includes a rod with a head to anchor Safewell’s patented grated window well cover. The rod descends onto the pin lock that keeps the locking rod secure and is easy to unfasten from the inside. 

This prevents burglars and would-be intruders from entering your window well but allows an easy escape in case of emergency. With no access from above the window well cover, burglars will not be able to break Safewell’s window well security. 

For premium protection for your home and family, choose Safewell’s Window Well Locking System. Get yours for only $50.00!

The Different Types of Window Well Security Locks

Window well locks are as varied as the window well covers into which they go. Here are the different types of window well locks: 

Egress Window Well Locks

These are some of the most common types of window well locks on the market. These window locks consist of elongated screws that go into egress locks. A screw goes into an egress lock to secure the window well cover. 

An egress window well lock is quite straightforward to install. This type of window well lock may also be a good choice if your window well cover is glass. But, as mentioned earlier, the screw on top allows intruders to destroy it with heavy-duty cutting tools. 

Plastic Window Well Lock

In many ways, plastic window well locks mimic egress window well locks in their design. But, because of the window well’s material (plastic), more plastic window well locks are needed. 

Ultimately, the ideal ratio depends on the individual. Many companies have already taken the guesswork out of ratios by issuing a fixed number of locks depending on size. 

Grated Window Well Lock

Window well covers that are grated are often made of metal. For this reason, some window well security lock systems rely on nuts to secure the grated window well cover. Due to the size of the nuts, they are hard to locate and hard to break. 

While this may sound good on paper, fire safety can be an issue. Your fire escape and window well may be the same. If this is the case, having a grated window well lock that is hard to unlock may be a problem. 

The security benefits of a grated window well lock sometimes come at the expense of fire safety but not in the case of Safewell’s window well lock. 

Atrium Dome Window Well Lock

Atrium dome window well locks rely on cover locks. These cover locks run from one end of the atrium. In most cases, there are at least two cover locks. And, screws are placed on these cover locks to secure the atrium dome window well cover. 

Like a grate window well lock, fire safety can be an issue here as well since the way to unscrew the lock is on the outside. 

The Safest and Easiest To Install: Safewell’s Window Well Lock System

Safewell’s Window Well Grate Lock System makes it more difficult for would-be intruders to break in and makes it easier for people trying to exit in case of an emergency. You install and unlatch the window well lock from the inside. The rod-and-pin-lock design also allows for quick unlatching in case you decide to change window well covers or need a quick escape.

This is also a major selling point for fire safety. You cannot go wrong with Safewell’s Window Well Lock System! 

Safewell’s Window Well Lock System — Fire Safety and Anti-Burglar Protection at its Finest

You can protect your home from burglars with a window well lock system like Safewell’s without compromising fire safety. 

Safewell’s Window Well Lock System guarantees both. Tough to unlock from the outside, Safewell’s locking system is easy to unlock from the inside. This ensures that you can: 

  • Protect your home from intruders
  • Escape through the window well cover in the event of a fire

Choose not just any window well lock. Choose one that protects you from fire and intruders. Choose Safewell’s Window Well Lock System!

Do You Need a Reliable, Safe, Affordable, and Secure Window Well Lock? Look No Further! 

Safewell is at the forefront of window well locks and covers, offering the best in protection and function. You can bet on quality that protects you and your family from intruders and fires. 

Get a Safewell Window Well Lock System and give yourself the protection that will help you sleep at night!