Best Rebar Window Well Covers in Utah

Rebar Window Well Cover — $159

Rebar window well covers are a classic addition to any home, and may even turn a few heads with the neighbors! 

Just imagine a freshly mown lawn, pristine shrubbery, and a well-kept exterior — only to have gaping holes at the window wells. That’s a bit of buzzkill, right?

Safewell’s rebar window well covers help keep the dream alive and help beautify the exterior of your home while providing some essential functions. Learn more about why these window well covers may be the best for your home.

Why a Rebar Window Well Grate?

When considering your options for window well covers, you may be left wondering what the advantage of a rebar grate is. The answer is simple: they’re the perfect blend of form and function. 

Just take a quick look at this window well and you’ll see how appealing it can be on your home. It’s available in copper, and looks great on any home.

Rebar Metal Window Well Covers in Salt Lake & Utah County - Safewell

Rebar well covers are the perfect choice for homeowners who want the benefits of a high-quality, durable window well cover without sacrificing the look and feel of their home. Rebar covers allow plenty of light in and does it’s job of protecting the well and what can get down inside of it.

Superior Look. Superior Value. 

Looks aside (and they do look great!), the value these well covers add to your home can’t be understated. 

High-quality window well covers provide a function: they protect your basement and basement windows from the elements or intrusion. Let’s evaluate each.

Safety from the elements.

Wind, rain, snow, and everything else that nature throws at your home can cause damage where you least expect it. High on the list of “least expected” is your window wells. 

You don’t think about it, but it may not take much for a storm to carry something into your window well. Without a cover to keep it out, you may experience damage to a window, or end up with something down there you’d rather not have to clean out. It’s better to save yourself from the hassle and protect your home. 

Intrusion prevention. 

Another element we’d rather not think about is home invasion, but window wells provide an inconspicuous way for someone to potentially enter your home. Having a durable rebar cover in place and secured can help deter this, and will help you sleep soundly at night. 

Built to Last

The final advantage to consider with rebar grates is their ability to outlast other window well options. Safewell’s rebar window well covers come with a lifetime structural warranty and can hold a staggering 500 pounds. That means if you accidentally step on one (or drive a lawn mower over one), you don’t run the risk of taking a tumble into your basement window. 

And just as importantly, these covers are treated to last through all the seasons of heavy rain and piles of snow. They’ll keep your wells free from large debris, and give you peace of mind for your home. 

Product Highlights: Rebar Window Well Covers

Here’s what you can expect from Safewell’s premium rebar well covers:

  • Matches most home builders stock covers, but built to our heavy duty standard.
  • Available in copper (as shown)
  • 500 lb weight capacity
  • 3-stage powder coat finish
  • LIFETIME structural warranty

Considering a rebar window well cover? We don’t blame you! Safewell is proud to offer this premium product to homeowners, and we’d love to help you get them for your home.